First MetaVerse Game On Velas Network

Velhalla Metaverse Game Project

what is velhalla metaverse game?

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Velhalla crypto project is the first NFT play to earn game on the velas network, the main token for velhalla is scar token.

velhalla main token scar is on 2 blockchains binance smart chain and velas chain you can stake scar token on both chains, but you can play and spend, earn scar form the game only on velas chain.

what is velhalla metaverse game ?

Velhalla is a metaverse unlike any other out there on the market. It will allow its users to immerse themselves in a new universe driven by the Velas blockchain, where they can perform a wide range of actions, purchase and sell virtual pieces of land, outfit highly detailed characters, and more.

Players can build dungeons, earn crypto, and collect NFTs. The goal is to successfully raid other players’ dungeons while fending off raids to your own. As true owners of their destinies, they will be able to band together in Guilds or fight each other in PvP.

With a growing collection of maps, traps, and treasures, players can evolve and upgrade their characters, or trade the items on our NFT marketplace for SCAR, the native token of Velhalla. Players will be able to buy and sell Velhalla Land NFTs, outfit highly detailed characters, and much more.

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