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Velhalla land Exchange announced to be released

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velhalla team announced to release land exchange feature on 22 august at 8 Pm CST time ( 23 august at 1:00 pm UTC time) . on there offical website.

After this feature release you will have The option to exchange/ merge  your separated 1*1 lands to bigger size ,  the inhabitants of Velhalla will have the option to exchange and combine their plots of land  for a fee in SCAR.
The amount of land that you can exchange and how big of a plot your land will be combined into are outlined below.

What is Velhalla land Exchange Features ?

✔️ The land exchange system will allow the users/players to exchange their scattered land for one giant piece of land which has already been combined.

✔️ A large area can be traded with an equal-sized piece of land. (Example: 2×2 Grass Land to 4 pieces of Grass Land).

✔️ The land acquired through trading will be upgraded to the highest star level of the land traded.
(Example: 3 pieces of 1-star land and a piece of 4-star land will be traded into a 2×2 piece of 4-star land).

✔️ Before you can combine your lands, the UI will ask the following:
1. How big is your plot of land?
2. What type of land are you trying to exchange/combine?
3. Have you already merged the land that you are trying to exchange?

✔️ Any land that has been merged/exchanged cannot be merged or exchanged for the second time (for now).

✔️ Users/Players will have to upload their land to the smart contract first before proceeding to exchange (the blockchain can process up to 5 land pieces at a time), this will validate your lands’ qualification for the exchange.

✔️ In the future, combined lands will have the option to include ads or any images that you want to upload. Once this feature is released, you will be able to promote an idea or concept, promote yourself, your brand, and your projects.

you can login to velhalla metaverse using your meta mask wallet and exchange your lands for bigger lands here

Velhalla game

What is Total Exchangeable velhalla Lands Supply ?

  • 2X2 available total 4,096 pieces
  • 4X4 available total 512 pieces
  • 8X8 available total 128 pieces
  • 16X16 available total 32 pieces
  • 32X32 available total 8 pieces
  • TOTAL lands available of all types: 4,776 PIECES

How cost is the velhalla land exchange/merge ?

here is a picture will help you calculate the fee for your merge process

prices of velhalla land exchange will have good discounted for the first early holders , as we said before your new merged land will have the level of your the highest land you own so you will have to pay the upgrade price for the other lands you will exchange and the fee of the exchange as well



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