First MetaVerse Game On Velas Network

Velhalla crypto token price – scar to usd live

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Scar is the main token for velhalla play to earn nft metaverse game , scar is build in the velas network and binance smart chain network.

the official coin for the new nft game will be scar on velas network and you can stack scar on velhalla main website on both chains bsc and velas , also you can provide liquid or stake scar on wagyusawp.

on the game lunch next year their will be non tradable new coins to support the game play but all rewards and money airdrop will be with the scar token.

velhalla project released in November 2021 as the first metaverse game on the velas network , since then the developers team share the developing process every month with velhalla community.

according to velhalla road map the game will fully lunch on all platforms next year on February but you can now play the mini game , buy lands , upgrade and earn scar rewards every day.

Scar Contract Address 0n Velas and BSC

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