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Velas Domains – web3 velas name service project

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velas domains a new project under the velas blockchain announced , the vnc (velas name service) will start its service very soon and any one can buy a decentralized  domain name .vlx , .dapp or .web3 and link the domain name to his wallet , profile and twitter account and you can easily define your identity and picture on velas network by the domain you get.

What Is The Benefits Of Velas Domains VNC ?

  • define your identity in web3 : you can Setup a profile picture, show your links on your vnc profile, social network accounts, create decentralized website… It’s your domain name, you control every thing.
  • Velas name service (VNS) is an NFT : .vlx registrations can be transferred and trade as NFT on marketplaces.
  • Unified naming : looks strange on marketplace or any profile on web3 ? You won’t be recognized as the guy with the address beginning with 0xe2cf anymore, but rather recognized by a name you really chose, for every service you use !
  • Easy to share: Forget about 42 random characters long addresses, share your shortened domain name instead, such as youname.vlx, or yourname.dapp
  • Easier transactions: Don’t hesitate between the native address, or the evm compatible address; enter the Velas name, and the right address will be selected for you !
  • Unlimited subdomains: Create as many subdomains as you which, and control them however you want ! Give one to your friend, store your secondary account addresses on another…

Velas Domain social Media Accoounts : Twitter  Medium Telegram

Velas Domain Website : VNC Domain

link your twitter account to velasdomain : Link Twitter

How to register a velas .vlx domain name ?

  1. Open VNS app from the main website page and search for your unique .VLX name and it will show if it available to register or not ,
  2. Your wallet will open and you will be asked to confirm the first of two transactions required for registration.
  3. Wait for 1 minute , The waiting period is required to ensure another person hasn’t tried to register the same name and protect you after your request.
  4. Complete Registration, Click “Register” and your wallet will re-open. Only after the 2nd transaction is confirmed you’ll know if you got the name.

the service will be available soon , if you have any question just mail us or leave a comment.


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