First MetaVerse Game On Velas Network

Rare Gems – Multichain NFT Marketplace project

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RareGems is fast Dapp non-custodial Multichain NFT Marketplace project that support Supports EVM-compatible networks , for every sell you made on rare gems there is only 1% fee for the Dapp.

supported chain networks on rare gems

  • Energy Web Network
  • Velas Network
  • Celo Network
  • Moonbeam Network
  • Moonriver Network
  • Astar Network
  • Oasis Emerald Network
  • Avalanche Network
  • Aurora Network
  • Gnosis Network
  • Fantom Network
  • kava Network
  • crab Network
  • OKC Network

How to sell and by my NFT on RareGems ?

First you need to open your meta mask wallet on the browser and click on connect wallet to connect your wallet with rare gems dapp

you can see now your nft collection on the site to start sell them

RareGems website

click on sell , write your price and sign for the contract and your NFT will be listed for sale

there is more that 230 you can buy or sell on rare gems its a new Dapp but its really fast and great


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